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To apply, the student needs to insert their name, study programme(s) and language proficiency into the application form together with the university s*he chooses for his*her exchange during ELAN (please choose up to three universities ranked according to your preferences). Also, the student is required to provide a short sketch of a study or research project s*he would wish to pursue during the ELAN program.

If the application satisfies all formal criteria (such as language competence sufficient for the preferred exchange partner), the student will be asked by the ELAN coordinator to supply a short CV, a transcript of records, and a short letter of motivation. After the deadline, the applications will be examined. In a first step, the Graz ELAN coordinator will decide which of the applications are of sufficient quality to be forwarded to the partner institutions the applicant requested as exchange universities. The partner institutions then decide whether the applicant shall receive a place within their exchange contingent for the current study period.

The final decision is made by the ELAN board, comprising the ELAN coordinators from the participating universities, which meets toward the end of February of each year.

For the application deadline for the next study cycle please see the news section at the start page of this website.

ELAN Coordinator

MU Dr. phil.

Santiago Truccone

Hilmgasse 4/I

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2306

Mag. phil.

Kanita Kovačević

Hilmgasse 4/I

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2299

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