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Studying the ELAN Program

ELAN offerings are directed at above-average students of the humanities on the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level. They allow them to broaden their studies at the University of Graz by a foreign exchange which surpasses that of standard ERASMUS exchanges.
The ELAN program consists of taking 30 ECTS worth of courses designated as ELAN courses by the network partners, at least 15 ECTS of which must be taken while studying abroad. At least 10 ECTS worth of ELAN courses must either be taken in a foreign language or language courses.
While enrolled in the ELAN program, the students are supposed to pursue an individual study project which may or may not prepare the final thesis of their regular studies. Part of the work on this project has to utilize the possibilities of international integration offered by the network structure by focusing on the particular research and teaching profiles of the network partner chosen for exchange.
Courses designated as part of the ELAN program are characterized by

  • being interdisciplinary
  • asking fundamental questions about the nature and purpose of the arts and humanities
  • considering the importance of the arts and humanities for current topics and debates.

However, the overriding emphasis of the ELAN offerings remains on the individual composition of the ELAN program by the enrolled student.

ELAN Coordinator


Thomas Pölzler

Attemsgasse 25/II


Kanita Kovačević

Attemsgasse 25/II

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2299

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